Workshop @ Au-kbc for Mannargudi Students.

College name: Sengamala Thayaar Educational Trust women’s college , Mannargudi.

No.of student: 35

Place: NRCFOSS, AU-KBC Research Centre, MIT Campus.

It was four day session for M.C.A student.

First day Session:

In first day I gave a talk about


Pirated and  original version.

Unknowingly why we use pirated?

Opensource community support.

How  we got the monetary through opensource?

In open-source why no virus?

Second day Session:

How to install ubuntu 10.04

We provide the Ubuntu 10.04 DVD to all.

They all are brings laptop with XP in that we install the ubuntu10.04 successfully, They are very happy to install the new OS with a short period. And we give small exercise to that student after went to home please see the ubuntu what are things contains in that.

Thrid day session:

This day no session because they not able to come at correct time.

Fourth day session:

Today we have to complete third day + today session, session start at 10 clock .

I ask the student  what are the  featured contain in ubuntu the students  told what they are understand , i hope  people open their laptop last night :-), And i  give small introduction about open-office and what are advantages in open office and features and also we give few  Linux basic  commands at the same time student are also work with together, so this session more interactive i prefer some student come and write the commands in board that also done well, i’m so happy.

we people take php with mysql and svn………


All of them say very nice session thanks.


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