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Boot Camp @ Kanchipuram

June 7, 2010

Boot Camp’s shedule: (31 .5.2010 to 6.6.2010)

Day-1:  Linux basics and History

Day-2:  Web development languages – HTML, CSS, Javascript

Day-3: PHP

Day-4:  Ruby

Day-5: Python

Day-6:  Database tool – Mysql, PostgreSQL

This Sunday (06.06.2010) we planned conduct Ubuntu10.04 and Ubuntu Tamil  Manual Release Party

My part was Day 6

We give small introduction about



Database management system/Relation database management system.

Basic queries.

How to backup the database.

And also show the GUI application for  phpmyadmin.

Session was interesting to me, some of the people asking there doubts, i reply  as much i know but some question i’m unable to answer in that i say i dn’t know i search and tell you.


Workshop @ Au-kbc for Mannargudi Students.

June 4, 2010

College name: Sengamala Thayaar Educational Trust women’s college , Mannargudi.

No.of student: 35

Place: NRCFOSS, AU-KBC Research Centre, MIT Campus.

It was four day session for M.C.A student.

First day Session:

In first day I gave a talk about


Pirated and  original version.

Unknowingly why we use pirated?

Opensource community support.

How  we got the monetary through opensource?

In open-source why no virus?

Second day Session:

How to install ubuntu 10.04

We provide the Ubuntu 10.04 DVD to all.

They all are brings laptop with XP in that we install the ubuntu10.04 successfully, They are very happy to install the new OS with a short period. And we give small exercise to that student after went to home please see the ubuntu what are things contains in that.

Thrid day session:

This day no session because they not able to come at correct time.

Fourth day session:

Today we have to complete third day + today session, session start at 10 clock .

I ask the student  what are the  featured contain in ubuntu the students  told what they are understand , i hope  people open their laptop last night :-), And i  give small introduction about open-office and what are advantages in open office and features and also we give few  Linux basic  commands at the same time student are also work with together, so this session more interactive i prefer some student come and write the commands in board that also done well, i’m so happy.

we people take php with mysql and svn………


All of them say very nice session thanks.

Logo for Kanimozhi

May 13, 2010

கட்டற்ற (தமிழ்க்) கணிமை கூடுதல் பற்றிய விவரம் அடங்கிய தளத்திற்கான logo உருவக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது.

Ubuntu GlobalBugJam

April 30, 2010

On  28.03.10  we did a ubuntu global bug jam

Bugs play a major role in a lifecycle of a software. Open Source Software gets more bugs and they are fixed very quickly.
Ubuntu makes the process of reporting and triaging using Launchpad.

To make more public to contribute by reporting and triaging the bugs, Ubuntu Community celebrates a “Global Jam“.

In KanchiLUG, we ran a “BugJam”. We all are new to these process. We all had thoughts of reporting bugs on ubuntu. But, never got an intro to these processes. This BugJam day gave us a offer to learn those things.

Learnt the Lifecycle of a Bug.
We all filed a bug .
Learnt the process of Bug Triaging.
Learnt on How to find a proper package for Triaging.
Got the list of Bugs does not contain proper packages.
We all set the proper package for 5-10 Bugs, each.
Decided to set package for at-least 5 bugs a day.

Some links to learn more about this.

KanchiLUG celebrates its first anniverary

April 30, 2010

It happened 1 year ago. The birh of KanchiLUG.

We registered a mailing list at so that anyone can join.
Opened a blog to announce all our activities.

Weekly Meetings. When we decided to meet every Sunday, even we had doubts on its continuity.
But, our team made this possible. We had 45 meets. We had tough times on finding a place to meet. Kanchipuram, a temple city, gave a nice temple for us to meet.

With a temple, where no electricity is given for public, we did demos for 1 hr with our laptop batteries.
We needed more power. So moved to a Study Center “Siva Kalvi Nilaiyam”, We had power, water and space.

Weekend meetings were filled with tutorial sessions and demos. Mailing list was getting more members.

We went to colleges and gave talks. We conducted Ubuntu Release Party. We published a 2010 calendar.
You can see a glimpse of our 2009 acticities here.

The first anniversary was celebrated on March 28,2010 at arul’s home.

Then, the funtime started. Cake, snacks, and photo session.

Well. It became one of the memorable days in the community life.

And im proud to be one of the volunteer in Kanchi Lug.

Workshop at Delhi

April 21, 2010

Two workshop on application of FOSS tools in Science Education & Research , for the the members of Faculty at New Delhi region is been jointly organised by NRCFOSS/AU with ANDC, New Delhi.

Date : 14 th & 15 th of April 2010

Venue :Acharya Narendra Dev College, Govindpuri, Kalkaji, New Delhi , 110019.

My experience:

This  was the first time i went delhi..

Long travel in train but i enjoyed a lot with my friends and annas

Train experience was good 🙂 after 3.0clock  midnight i think near to Jhansi  so many people entered, they people sit where they got the space in train i’m  escaped i’m in upper sleep when i saw down i dn’t see any space in  my compartment. They peoples look different in way of dressing and wearing jewels but they have a smile face. I search my slipper 1/2 hour then only i got it. After get down the train i saw so many people eating the food in platform.

Enjoy the video……

After that we got the one mini omini and  we went  a wrong way with the help of Google map then ask some people then we got the correct place.

Guest house was very nice its very  comfortable….

First day entered into Acharya Narendra Dev College, college atmosphere is nice very good hospitality. We start our work after lunch  and  finished at  7clk.

Second day work start at 9.30 and finished 6clk now all the system ready with Ubuntu with foss tools.

Third day: Use of Linux Desktop & OpenOffice seminar after lunch they people are separated based on their department they start work with ubuntu 🙂

Fourth day: Customization of FOSS tools very interesting session every one enjoyed this session Because  every one  done  the customization in there systems   after they got the output they enjoyed a lot
i helped the people to make the output.Its was nice session to me too.

Fifth day: Delhi University South Campus

In day session introduction about FOSS and NRCFOSS and Openoffice then afternoon how to install Ubuntu in system, Few of them only  bring laptop so Delhi University South Campus provide laptop for other people.

Already they have window in there laptop so we guide to them  how to install ubuntu and also tell about swap some of them need to re size the memory for allocate more space for  ubuntu …..:)

After they got the Ubuntu screen in there desktop they enjoyed and feel Ubuntu also easy and they start work with Ubuntu like open a open office and games and foos tools some of them work with foss tools …..

Some of them ask mail id for communicate FOSS  news…

After that we went lotus temple its very nice place, garden are very attractive  and beautiful….. and also people maintain the silent while enter the Lotus temple.

I saw some people always clean the garden and worship place and says silent please

Before enter into the temple  One guide  told about the  history about lotus temple  but he  told only in Hindi and after that he ask any one  need translation. Then i told. i need  he told the history in English….but i can’t understand what he told..:(  because he told very fast.

When i was enter the place wow such a place no words to describe the place and light setting  such a place and very silent in that room i think people come to do meditation in that, so me to done it, then  i got a silent in my heart and also i cried i dn’t know y i was cried nice experience…..and take some photos..

While i came out they gave the handbill about the temple in various language like Tamil, English and Telugu etc…

Last day we start early in morning in guest house and reached Indra Gandhi airport and got the boarding  ticket and checking was finished.  My first experience in flight i’m so excited to travel in flight

Then Got the air bus..

reached the flight…

I felt cloud also come with me …..

i can not express my feeling while travel in flight such a wounder full moment that was………..

And get down Chennai airport….

After that i got the train for  Tambram…….:-)

It was amazing those days i got so many experience……………

BIOS event in SCSVMV

February 23, 2010

FOSS stalls in BIOS 09 Symposium, SCSVMV Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Vishwa Maha Vidhyalaya, Enathur, Kanchipuram on 09 Oct 09.

Kanchilug members were went to participate the BIOS event (symposium) and we put 10 stalls about opensource software .

First Day:

Stalls are

1. Desktop animations (Compixconfig-settings manager)

– Rajkumar

2. FOSS Speech

-Logeshprabu, Dhasthagheer

3. OpenOffice  (Writer,Calc,Impress)

– Kumaran, Venkatesan

4. GIMP  &  Inkscape

– Praveen

5. Python  &  Glade

– Rajeshwari

6. Tamil Font Creation

– Malathi

7. Various Distribution Installation (Ubuntu9.04, LinuxMint7.0, Fedora10&11)

– Yaassir Arrafath

8. How to get support?

– Suji

9. Various Distribution’s  OS CD’s & DVD’s Sales

*Ubuntu 8.04 -6 package DVD’s

*Ubunt 9.04 CD

*Linux Mint 7.0 Gloria  CD

*Fedora 10  &  11  DVD

– Mahalakshmi

we  had only 4 laptops so they provided us 6 more systems.

And then student coordinator asked us to take seminar about  FOSS speech in stage.

so Lokeshprabu  gave seminar on “Why Linux”.

Second Day:

Chief Guest: Mr.SriRamadoss M

He gave a talk about Free Open Source Software.

Stalls are

1. Desktop animations (Compixconfig-settings manager)

– Praveen

2. FOSS Speech


3. OpenOffice  (Writer,Calc,Impress)

– Kumaran , Elango

4. GI(MP  &  Inkscape

– Priya, Udaya

5. Python  &  Glade

– Rajeshwari

6. MySql  and 3D Games

– Suji

7. Various Distribution Installation (Ubuntu9.04, LinuxMint7.0, Fedora10&11)

– Balakrishnan

8. How to get support?

– Malathi

9. Various Distribution’s  OS CD’s & DVD’s Sales

– Yasaar

Then the students arranged for a technical debate.

The topic is Open Source Software Vs Proprietary Software

Our members Arul, Me, Praveen, Suji participated in the event.

And also got the second prize.

They gave Rs. 2000 worth gift voucher & Rs.300 cash, a certificate as prize.

Mr.Ramdhas gave the empty CD’s and DVD’s to us.

that CD’s we write OS and sold .

We planned to give the  amount to “Tamil – Ubuntu -Team”

By this way, we enjoyed in these two days

Thanks to BIOS 09 team.

and very thanks to BIOS 09 coordinator Mr.Ullas and Mr. Siva to gave this

wonderful opportunity to  us.

Thanks to all…….

கட்டற்ற (தமிழ்க்) கணிமை

February 23, 2010

கட்டற்ற (தமிழ்க்) கணிமை – முதல் கூடுதல் (20/02/2010)

கட்டற்ற மென்பொருள் தொழில்நுட்பம் தொடர்பான, முதலாவது சந்திப்பு

கடந்த சனிக்கிழமையன்று (20/02/2010) நடைபெற்றது.

இதில் முதலாவதாக நான் ஹன்ஸ்பெல் எழுத்துப்பிழை திருத்தியில், இதுவரை

செய்த மாற்றங்களை பற்றி கூறினேன். மேற்கொண்டு செய்ய வேண்டிய பணிகளை

பற்றி விவாதித்தோம்.

விளக்கம் : ஹன்ஸ்பெல் எழுத்துப்பிழை திருத்தி

இரண்டாவது மின்னெழுத்து உருவாக்கத்தில் சுஜி தன் அனுபவங்களை

பகிர்ந்து கொண்டார்.

விளக்கம் : தமிழில் , ஆங்கிலத்தில் .

பின்பு சந்தோஷ் தமிழ் collation rules பற்றி கூறினார்.

இதில் 15க்கும் மேற்பட்டவர்கள் கலந்து கொண்டனர்.